Brody Artes

"Maine Gold Rush Basketball Camp is a fantastic weekend of basketball for any program that is looking for quality competition suited to the needs of your players.  The varying levels of league play allow programs to compete against similar competition and is great for any program, whether the makeup of your program includes veteran players, or whether you have a young group of student-athletes.  The camp staff is incredibly accommodating and will see to it that the needs of your program will be met throughout the course of the weekend.  I have been bringing my girls basketball program to this camp for several years and it has become a staple that all players in the program look forward to, from returning varsity players to incoming freshman."

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"Camp for our program represents a weekend of intense basketball with tremendous competition and provides great bonding opportunities for everyone involved. For nearly 20 years, our players have loved

" Mountain Valley has been attending Gold Rush camp since the early 2000's. It provides our kids with a level of intensity and high level competition that is so important for us coaches and our kids.