Coach Gordie Cordwell

"I Just wanted to thank you for another fantastic Gold Rush experience! This year I had 2 camp veterans and 7 rookies and I know that they all had a wonderful time. As a coach I know that the experience they gain at this special camp is invaluable. My teams are always stronger as a result of going to Waterville every summer. I have had several of my past and current players make provincial teams, and attending Gold Rush played a big part in their development. You guys have a "magical" formula that is different from any other camp experience. Thanks again and see you next summer!"

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"Camp for our program represents a weekend of intense basketball with tremendous competition and provides great bonding opportunities for everyone involved. For nearly 20 years, our players have loved

" Mountain Valley has been attending Gold Rush camp since the early 2000's. It provides our kids with a level of intensity and high level competition that is so important for us coaches and our kids.