Lori Wall, New Brunswick Women's Provincial Team Coach

"I was so pleased to once again be involved with your Gold Rush tournament. I feel that it gives our Canadian players an opportunity to be immersed in a very different style of ball which forces them to adapt their style of play. It amazes me to watch them face the hurdle and then try to figure out what's it is they need to do to overcome the obstacle. Thinking on their feet is not one of their strong points, however, I did feel that they did a good job of it this past weekend. As usual, Gold Rush is well organized, and runs smoothly. There were many positive comments from the U16 parents, most of whom accompanied their daughters this past weekend. The players were equally positive in their comments during our team debrief - from the food to the dorms to the games and lectures, they never had anything negative to say. Once again, thanks for a great weekend!"

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