Serge Langis, Head Coach for Men's 17 & Under - New Brunswick Provincial

"I have been attending the Maine Gold Rush Team Camp for 6 years now. Both my under 17 and under 15 teams from New Brunswick, Canada have benefited greatly because of what kind of teams attend this camp and how the camp is structured. Not only do our teams play against a multitude of different styles, they also get a chance to gel as a group. On top of that, this camp offers an education side of things that is unique and powerful for the continued development of our players and teams. I look forward to attending again with my Provincial teams for many years to come."

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"Camp for our program represents a weekend of intense basketball with tremendous competition and provides great bonding opportunities for everyone involved. For nearly 20 years, our players have loved

" Mountain Valley has been attending Gold Rush camp since the early 2000's. It provides our kids with a level of intensity and high level competition that is so important for us coaches and our kids.