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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

"Thanks for putting on a great camp.  Your staff was awesome...everything is well organized and of course the facilities are fantastic...a win-win for everybody... We bring our players to camp for a couple reasons; have fun, team bonding, great competition, and building memories of high basketball for them down the road.  If we win some games while we are there, then BONUS...
We plan on coming back...and will do on the "spreading the word"!
Enjoy your summer and thanks again!"

"I Just wanted to thank you for another fantastic Gold Rush experience! This year I had 2 camp veterans and 7 rookies and I know that they all had a wonderful time. As a coach I know that the experience they gain at this special camp is invaluable. My teams are always stronger as a result of going to Waterville every summer. I have had several of my past and current players make provincial teams, and attending Gold Rush played a big part in their development. You guys have a "magical" formula that is different from any other camp experience. Thanks again and see you next summer!"

Coach Davis, Central High School

Coach Gordie Crowell

"Thank you very much Bruce for a great experience for our team. As the Director for Basketball Cape Breton I can assure you I will make it a top priority to bring our teams down to the Gold Rush every year. We learned a lot and have taken some great ideas from your tournament to use for our Cape Breton Classic. Hopefully we can get some Maine teams up here some year."

"Our teams always come back with positive things to say about your event. I've marked the dates on my calendar and will look at sending multiple teams again next year."

Chris MacPhee, Executive Director

Carolyn Pepin, Executive Director
Basketball New Brunswick

Lori Wall, New Brunswick Women's Provincial Team Coach

"I was so pleased to once again be involved with your Gold Rush tournament. I feel that it gives our Canadian players an opportunity to be immersed in a very different style of ball which forces them to adapt their style of play. It amazes me to watch them face the hurdle and then try to figure out what's it is they need to do to overcome the obstacle. Thinking on their feet is not one of their strong points, however, I did feel that they did a good job of it this past weekend. As usual, Gold Rush is well organized, and runs smoothly. There were many positive comments from the U16 parents, most of whom accompanied their daughters this past weekend. The players were equally positive in their comments during our team debrief - from the food to the dorms to the games and lectures, they never had anything negative to say.
Once again, thanks for a great weekend!"

Serge Langis, Head Coach for Men's 17 & Under - New Brunswick Provincial

"I have been attending the Maine Gold Rush Team Camp for 6 years now. Both my under 17 and under 15 teams from New Brunswick, Canada have benefited greatly because of what kind of teams attend this camp and how the camp is structured. Not only do our teams play against a multitude of different styles, they also get a chance to gel as a group. On top of that, this camp offers an education side of things that is unique and powerful for the continued development of our players and teams. I look forward to attending again with my Provincial teams for many years to come."

"What a weekend. It was my first Gold Rush experience and an event our team will remember forever. Our kids talked about it the entire trip home. Your organization, facility, and tournament was first class. But, the best part to me was the two of you and your staff. Your energy and interest in the kids showed in spades and made everything that much better."

"The amount of team bonding that occurs at this camp is unbelievable. Our teams look forward to this camp every year, and we have become a better team because of it."

Stephen Baur, Head Men's Coach at Acadia University - Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Coach Aaron Watson, Varsity Boy's Coach at Mt. Ararat High School - Topsham, ME

"Maine Gold Rush is a staple of our summer basketball program. Players look forward to it every year. It's not just the competition that separates it from other team camps. Maine Gold Rush has provided us with the opportunity to develop team chemistry within our own program, and team camaraderie amongst other programs. Players and coaches alike have the chance to learn from each other, share ideas, and develop relationships that last a lifetime. Maine Gold Rush is the ultimate summer basketball experience."

"We use Gold Rush as a starting point of our summer season. It gives us a baseline of skills to work on and allows us opportunities to start bonding as a team. The competition has been great for our program!"

Coach Tanner Grover, Varsity Girl's Coach at Boothbay Regional High School - Boothbay, ME

David Smith, Varsity Boys Coach at Coe Brown Academy
Northwood, New Hampshire

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